Bay City Public Safety Director Michael Cecchini. (WSGW News photo by Bill Hewitt)

Bay City is a safe community. In a report to city commissioners Monday night, October 21st, Public Safety Director Michael Cecchini  says crime is down 37% over the last four years. In 2016 there were 1,145 crimes in Bay City compared with 606 so far this year.

Cecchini credits community support. Officers work with the city’s code enforcement staff to remove blight from city neighborhoods and other problems affecting the quality of life. Cecchini sees a good way to fight crime. Cecchini believes in the 80 – 20 rule. He said statistics show 20% of the criminals are responsible for 80% of the crime.

He said the department also believes in transparency, using social media to publish department policies, use of force statistics and a crime map to show where crimes are occurring in the city.