Bay City Students Return to Class Oct. 12th

Bay city school district students will be returning to class earlier than originally planned.

Parents were sent a survey by the district on how they would approach a return to school with three options- a full return to in-person learning, a model with K-5th grade & Special-needs students returning first, and a hybrid model on an A/B schedule.

Superintendent Dr. Stephen Bigelow admitted social distancing would be difficult, if not impossible, to administer in the case of an immediate full return.

Bigelow did not make any other return-plan proposals at the meeting.

School board members voted unanimously to approve a hybrid learning plan, with students returning to classrooms earlier than the previously standing date of October 26th, but after a proposed date of October 5th.

K-8th grade and special needs students are now set to return October 12th, with higher grades to follow in coming weeks on a hybrid schedule.

More than 700 people were watching or listening to the ZOOM video board meeting.

Teachers and parents had a chance to voice their opinions and concerns about safety and  returning before the end of the grade marking period during the nearly 5-hour meeting, but some including Teacher Emily Wessel, say classrooms were packed even before social distancing guidelines were imposed.