Bay City Plans to Issue Bonds for Infrastructure Improvements

The City of Bay City is looking to raise funds for fire station repairs and a refueling station for municipal vehicles.

At the March 20th City Commission meeting, the commission affirmed their intent to issue $5.2 million in bonds for the construction of a fuel island, as well as the replacement of Fire Station #2 on Freemont Street and repairs to other fire stations. City Staff say that a refueling station will help reduce fuel costs by around 150 thousand dollars each year.

“The city at this time utilizes approximately 14 thousand gallons of fuel a month,” said Josh Zimmerman from the Department of Public Works. “If we’re utilizing bulk storage, we’ll be able to take advantage of rack purchase as well as contract rates… and with larger capacity, we have the ability to take advantage of shipping costs and reductions.”

The fuel island would cost over a million dollars, while the replacement and repairs to fire stations would be between $3.5 million and $4 million.

Residents may file a petition signed by 10 percent of voters in the city within 45 days of the notice taking effect to force the city to seek voter approval to issue the bonds.