Bay City Commissioners Review Proposed Ordinances

Bay City Manager Rick Finn

Bay City Commissioners reviewed a series of proposed ordinances including a follow up to  anti discrimination language adopted earlier this year covering the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

City Manager Rick Finn says a five member Human Relations Committee consisting of city residents is being considered. Finn explained the panel would provide educational materials to schools and residents plus investigate discrimination complaints involving city related facilities and services, but not private businesses or unions. Any penalties handed out by the committee would be civil infractions with fines for violations.

Another proposed ordinance would waive special event fees not only for Central High School’s Homecoming Parade but also for other homecoming parades at city based schools like Bay City All Saints.

Another ordinance would give the city manager authority to declare a snow event based on recommendations from the public safety and public works directors. That would prompt residents to get vehicles off city streets so they could be plowed.



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