Bay City Commission Upholds Veto of Feet on the Street Resolution

A plan to allow a Summer road closure for one Bay City business district has been vetoed.

Mayor Kathleen Newsham vetoed a resolution that would have allowed for the closure of a stretch of Saginaw Street between Memorial Day and Labor Day for this year’s Feet on the Street event, which allows businesses to use street space in summer months. The area, along with business districts on Center, Third, and Midland Streets are restricted to weekend closures only this year.

Newsham says she’s working with state agencies on a plan that allows for full summer closures of Saginaw, Center, and Third Street.

During Monday’s meeting, some city commissioners voted to overturn the veto, citing concerns that another solution might not be reached in time.

The commission failed to reach the required 6 votes to overturn the veto. Newsham says information about a new plan will be put forward at the April 3rd meeting.