Bay City Central High School and Bay City DPS Say Shooter Threat Was Unsubstantiated

Following the threat made against Saginaw’s Thompson middle school, Bay City schools and law enforcement are clearing rumors on social media about threats of a shooting.

A joint statement by the Bay City Department of Public Safety and Bay City Public Schools says the post in question, containing guns and a threat against “Central High School”, turned out to be a case of mistaken identity.

School officials were notified of the threat Wednesday night just before 11pm.

Investigators say the threat has been determined to be unsubstantiated, and that no connection to specifically Bay City Central High School was found, or any other local school or student.

Superintendent Stephen Bigelow said “One of the issues is there’s so many ‘Central High Schools’ across the country that if someone says ‘Central High School,’ they assume that it’s the ‘Central High School’ that’s nearest to them”.

With additional police presence, Bay City Central did hold a normal session Thursday.