Bay City Bridge Partners to Begin Processing Tolls

Bay City Bridge Partners will begin processing Liberty Bridge tolling transactions in batches beginning September 8.

This includes all bridge activity since the start of tolling on June 16. Residents with BC-PASS accounts driving Class 1 passenger vehicles receive free tolling until 2028.

Non-residents with BC-PASS accounts who enrolled in the $15/month discounts by 8/29 will receive the discount retroactive to the start of tolling or date account was opened, whichever is later. All other non-residents with BC-PASS accounts will be charged the standard transponder rate by vehicle class. The $15/mo unlimited pass remains an option and will be applied upon enrollment. E-ZPass customers will see Bay City Liberty transactions posting to their E-ZPass accounts.

Resident and non-residents without BC-PASS or E-ZPass accounts will receive Pay by Plate invoices by mail for any bridge crossings since the start of tolling.