Bay City Approves $1 Million Mortgage, Rent, and Utility Aid Grant

Aid is on the way for those in Bay City struggling with their housing expenses.

A $1 million “Mortgage, Rent, and Utility” grant program was approved by city commissioners as a way to help with issues caused by the pandemic.

While exact qualifications to receive the grant are still being worked on by city staff, city manager Dana Muscott says a focus will be made on low income households and homes with children as much as possible as allowed by ARPA regulations.

She says staff will be meeting later this week to begin work on exact guidelines for the program, but adds the million dollars being added to the local community by any means will leave just as much (if not more) of an impact on those who need it most than previous COVID relief fund infusions have.

8th ward commissioner Ed Clements (who proposed the grant) says even if qualifying residents don’t necessarily need the aid with their mortgage or utilities- taking the burden of those costs in the form of utility credits could help lift the load of a different cost incurred because of the pandemic, or allow residents more opportunity to support the local economy.