Bay City Allocates $2 Million to Replace Lead Service Lines

Bay City has approved its largest ARPA fund allocation so far.

$2 Million will be going towards the City’s water fund to help remove and replace lead service lines ahead of the state’s 20-year deadline.

City Commission vice president Chris Girard says the water department is currently completing the work using a $5 million dollar State Drinking water revolving fund grant; but says the ARPA Funds will save water customers money, and keep replacements moving along while other pending resources that had been planned are confirmed.

Reviewed by the city’s legal team, the proposed use is eligible for funding under the American Rescue Plan Act’s “Interim Final” rule.

Another allocation was discussed at this week’s city commissioner meeting, but was put on hold.

Nearly $636 thousand dollars was proposed for the Community Development Department, which would have been used for the hiring of 2 Code Enforcement officers for 4 years.

Commissioners decided city staff should try looking for a way to help residents remedy any possible code offences before citing those who may not immediately be able to take care of them.