Bay Area Residents To Learn About Bridge Tolls

Along with the work underway on Liberty Bridge, Bay City Bridge Partners plans to utilize the winter and next spring to begin education on how to use the bridges once tolling takes effect. Drivers will not see a toll booth. Instead, they may install “sticker-like” transponders that are read by RFID readers over the bridge entrances with unlimited crossings for just $15 a month for both residents and non-residents. Those without transponders will receive an invoice for tolls based on a capture of their license plate number at $.50 per crossing for residents with transponders and regular two-axle vehicles.

Tolls will begin for non-city residents on the Liberty Bridge after rehabilitation is complete.
Tolls for city residents will not be implemented for five-years after completion.
School buses, first responders, and residents below the poverty line will not pay tolls.

Bay City Bridge Partners will have a local office where travelers can come to pick up transponders, seek instruction for usage, ask questions, and express concerns. They are in the process of hiring a general manager to run this office and help coordinate ongoing construction.