Bangor Township Gets New Recycle Bins

Starting next week, Bay County’s Bangor Township will begin rolling out 5200 new recycling carts to residents that can be set out for collection.

The 96-gallon carts have wheels for easy maneuvering, attached lids to keep recyclables dry and secure, and give residents the ability to recycle more. With the added capacity, residents no longer need to sort recyclables. Instead, residents can place all recyclable items directly into the new cart. The carts will begin arriving at residents’ homes through early September. Each cart will be delivered with a packet of information on what can and cannot be recycled and other program details. Residents can begin using the new carts as soon as they arrive at their homes. Recycling collection will continue to be every other week on regular trash days.

To find the schedule, learn what can and can’t go into the cart, and get answers to other Frequently Asked Questions, visit