Avian Influenza Detected In Domestic Bay County Flock

The bird flu is back in Bay County.

The Michigan State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory recently detected the presence of avian influenza in a flock of backyard poultry. The property has been placed under quarantine and the 50 bird flock will be culled to help prevent the spread of the highly contagious virus. Domestic bird owners should be aware of the symptoms of avian influenza, which include a drop in egg production, sneezing and coughing, diarrhea, a significant decrease in water consumption or multiple sudden deaths in the flock. It’s important for bird owners to prevent contact between domestic and wild birds by bringing them indoors or ensuring their outdoor area is fully enclosed, washing your hands and disinfecting clothing and equipment when moving between coops. More information about the avian flu can be found here.

To report suspected bird flu in domestic flocks, call 1-800-292-3939.