Arrest Warrant Issued for Doctor Accused of Running Over Protester

An 87-year-old doctor will face charges for running over a protester at a Saginaw Township abortion clinic.

Police say Mark Zimmerman and others were in the parking lot of the Women’s Center of Saginaw and Flint at 3141 Cabaret Trail on June 23 to engage women going into the clinic to offer alternatives to abortion and persuade them to perhaps seek counseling when the OB/GYN allegedly struck Zimmerman with his vehicle, then backed up and parked. Zimmerman’s attorney says the doctor then went inside the building and did not check on him.

Zimmerman suffered a broken leg in the incident. He may seek civil damages, according to his attorney.

Police say the doctor was convicted of a similar charge in Wayne county in 2012, though his conviction was dismissed. The doctor hasn’t been named as he has yet to be arraigned, but his warrant is for assault with a dangerous weapon.