ROMEOVILLE, Ill. — A man stormed into a bank branch in this Chicago suburb, started shooting and took hostages Tuesday afternoon, only to be shot dead by police, CBS Chicago reports.

But they say he wasn’t robbing the bank.

The drama unfolded at the Fifth Third Bank, beginning at 3:40 p.m.

Bank employees were ordered to call 911 by the armed man, authorities said. Dispatch audio also indicated he requested a chair be placed front of the door.

Romeoville police came to the scene after getting the call.  

“It was chaos out here today,” said Lisa Coleman, who lives nearby.

The Will County Sheriff’s office SWAT team, which also responded, kept Coleman and neighbors away.

“I came out and I saw the two SWATs standing over here with a rifle on them. It was very scary, because it’s too close to home,” Coleman said. “This is happening way too close.”

The gunman never asked for money, authorities said. He barked orders at gunpoint and fired off several rounds but never shot anyone.

The hostages were released as soon as Romeoville police and the SWAT team arrived.

But the gunman refused to come out. He stayed locked inside the bank alone. More than two hours later, SWAT officers saw an opportunity to take him down, and fired.

The suspect was rushed to a hospital, where he died.

No bank employees were injured. About eight were said to have been inside during the ordeal.

Illinois State Police are leading the investigation, since a Will County Sheriff’s officer fired the shot that killed the barricaded man.

Police were still on the scene as of 10 p.m.