Arenac County Man Sets Booby Trap for State Police Troopers Serving Search Warrant

State police troopers encountered a sticky situation January 20 when serving a search warrant in Arenac County.

Police were sent to the home of 67-year-old Roger Broadstone of Twining to question him about the use of a stolen credit card at a local Walmart. Broadstone told police they couldn’t enter his house without a search warrant, which police obtained. They discovered items purchased with the card inside the home.

However, police say Broadstone barricaded himself in the house and set up a booby trap and other preparations to harm troopers. Police say he also managed to take one of the trooper’s Tasers while resisting arrest.

Broadstone is charged with several felonies, including attempted murder, disarming a police officer, resisting arrest and placing an offensive substance with intent to injure. His bond has been set at $1.125 million.