Arenac County Man Arrested After Hiding Under Carrollton Twp Bar

An Arenac county man was arrested after hiding in a Carrollton township bar.

34-year-old Kenneth Compeau was wanted in Arenac County for missing a court hearing in a case where he was accused of crimes while on parole, including safe breaking (a life offense), after breaking into a Standish Township business in September.

Compeau was able to post bond in that case, but the Michigan Department of Corrections had a detain order in place for him because it violated his parole.

Carrollton Township police reported Wednesday he approached the Carrollton OMNI High School asking for a glass of water, before jumping a fence, and making his way over to Heck’s bar.

He hid under a portion of the bar, leaving just before police arrived to hide in an apartment complex across the street where he was arrested.

Court records show he had been convicted 13 times on a number of charges.