Another 4-Way Stop Coming to Downtown Bay City

Bay City Commissioners have approved a change to the intersection at 10th and Saginaw streets.

Following road study results released earlier this year; Officials with the Bay City department of public works say the intersection doesn’t follow federal guidelines and needed a change to a 4-way stop like others already changed in the last several months.

The new traffic control order being put into effect will add stop signs, and flags to bring higher visibility of the new 4-way stop.

Commission President Jessie Dockett says highlighted-concerns include the building on the northwest corner and the wall on the northeast corner of the intersection creating an unsafe sight distance for drivers on 10th Street

He adds while it may not seem incredibly important to some people currently, as the Uptown Phase 2 project moves closer to completion, that particular intersection will most likely become more heavily used.

Although 10th street has stop signs, drivers previously didn’t have adequate sight distance to see oncoming traffic on Saginaw Street, and the change to a full stop should ease that issue.