Annual State Report Grades Great Lakes Bay Region Schools

Even with significantly above-average high school graduation rates, Schools in Saginaw have some work to do. That’s according to the State of Michigan’s 2022-2023 school grades report, which gives schools throughout the state an A-F grade based on a number of measurements including standardized testing scores, growth in those scores, high school graduation rates, attendance, and more.

The district’s High Schools achieved A’s in graduation rates, however, when it comes to the Proficiency and Growth, Arthur Hill received a D and Saginaw High an F. Both Handley Elementary and Saginaw Arts and Sciences Academy were awarded straight A’s. Other elementary and middle schools in the district struggled to make it above a C in Proficiency or Growth.

Bay City’s High Schools are performing at average to well-above average levels according to the report. Both Bay City Central and Bay City Western were given A’s for high school graduation rates. When it came to student’s proficiency in math and English, as well as their growth year-over-year, Central ranked around average with a C, while Western was given a B.

Auburn Elementary achieved a B in proficiency and an A in growth, and Western Middle School ranked higher in 6th-8th grade education, being given a C and B in those categories.

Midland Public Schools achieved above-average scores on the 2022-2023 School Grades Report.  Herbert H. Dow High School was given A’s in Proficiency, Growth, and Graduation Rates, while Midland High School had A’s in all but Growth, where it got a B. Midland’s elementary schools all performed above average, with Woodcrest, Siebert, and Plymouth getting straight A’s. Jefferson Middle School also got top marks, with Northeast getting a B in proficiency.

This will be the last report of this nature since, in 2023, Michigan’s lawmakers decided to do away with the system, which has been accused of over-simplifying the results. In future years, the state will only use the federally required Michigan School Index System. Both reports can be found at