Annual Mosquito Abatement Program Begins in Midland

Midland County Mosquito Control will be conducting aerial larviciding for mosquitoes starting either Monday, April 25 or Tuesday, April 26. The process may take up to 14 days to complete, weather permitting.

Low-flying yellow and black crop duster airplanes will be conducting repetitive flights over woodland areas treating areas of standing water to eliminate mosquito larvae. The active chemical used for mosquito control is safe for both humans and animals and only mosquito larvae are negatively impacted by treatment.

Midland County residents can take a look and see if they are included in the aerial program on the Mosquito Control website. Residents are also invited to watch the aircraft take off, land and load from the Midland Community Aviation Discovery Area at Jack Barstow Airport in Midland.

In addition to the areas treated by airplanes, Mosquito Control crews will be treating additional woodland pools during April and May. Residents with questions or concerns about the program can call Mosquito Control at 989-832-8677.

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Annual Mosquito Abatement Program Begins in Midland