Andy’s Place Midland PILOT Rejected by City Council

On May 8, Midland city council rejected a request to refer a proposal for Payment in Lieu of Taxes to the City Housing Commission.

The payment, also known as PILOT, is for keeping rent costs low for tenants. Midland accepted a proposal for Andy’s Place, an apartment building to house people recovering from addiction. Andy’s Place proposed a PILOT to be reviewed by the City Housing Commission to report back to the city council, but the proposal was rejected in a 2-3 vote.

Councilmen Wazbinski and Brown-Wilhelm supported the proposal, saying the extra data could help. Councilmen Arnosky, Soler, and Mayor Donker expressed their concerns. They say they are worried the housing commission will not perform their “due diligence,” and are not sure the PILOT aligns with the needs and goals of the city. Jacob Kain, Midland Director of Planning and Community Development, says the rejection stopped the PILOT.

Councilman Steve Arnosky and Mayor Maureen Donker shared why they would not support the PILOT.

Mayor Donker’s concern is with a crisis that Midland faces.

She asks for information about the people in charge of the development as well.

Development of Andy’s Place will continue.