Amateur Radio Gathering in Midland June 18

Ham Radio enthusiasts from throughout the state of Michigan will eagerly gather at the Midland Salvation Army Building 330 Waldo Ave Saturday, June 18th, as the Midland Amateur Radio Club holds its annual Hamfest and Show. The site is one block south of the light on Bay City Road and promises to be packed with radio buffs eager to see the latest equipment, sell and trade used gear or to simply socialize and meet friends they’ve made over the airwaves.

Dealer set‑up is at 6:30 am, with doors opening for the public at 8:00 am.  Table rental is $5.00 each, and admission to the event is also $5.00. The MARC Hamfest features a number of amateurs with equipment to sell and trade. A vast array of amateur radio equipment and accessories, computers, parts, coaxial cable and connectors will greet visitors to the Salvation Army building.  The Midland Amateur Radio Club will have its large stock of vintage and hard-to-find vacuum tubes on hand for sale.

Outside, adjacent to the free parking area, trunk sales spaces will be available for $5.00 a spot.

The Club will be offering VE exams on-site for those wishing to earn their Ham Radio license, or those wishing to upgrade and earn new privileges.  Preregistration for the exams is required.

For VE testing session information contact: Dennis K. Klipa, N8ERF Phone (989) 948-5427 or email [email protected]

Applicants will need to bring two pieces of ID and copies of any amateur radio licenses and certificates that applicable.  Calculators are optional.  Test fee is $15.00. If applicants choose to visit the Hamfest after they complete their tests, the gate fee is not included in the testing fee.


For further Information & Table Reservations ($5.00 each) contact us at:       

MARC Hamfest      

P. O. Box 1049        

Midland, MI 48641‑1049       


Lee Hodges, KC8ITI (989) 486‑3771 or e‑mail: [email protected]