Aleda E. Lutz Medical Center to Offer Military Sexual Trauma Treatment

As part of its annual campaign during Sexual Assault Awareness Month in April, the Aleda E. Lutz V.A. Medical Center in Saginaw is working to increase awareness about the impact of military sexual trauma (MST) and the V.A.’s free supportive treatments.

Chris Cauley, Medical Center Director, says “Survivors differ in what they need to help them heal and treatment can be an important part of that way forward,” going on to say “No matter how long it’s been VA is here to help. The Department of Veteran Affairs encourages everyone to learn about MST and its effects, and to explore opportunities to support the recovery of military sexual trauma survivors.”

The medical center offers free counseling and treatment to Veterans and former service members for mental and physical health conditions related to MST.

Anyone looking for treatment does not need to have reported the MST experience at the time or have any documentation of it to receive care and may be eligible to receive these services even if they do not qualify for other V.A. care.

Because everyone is unique, the V.A. is offering flexible treatment options tailored to meet each survivor’s needs and preferences.

Eligibility for the center’s MST-related care is expansive, and no documentation of the MST experience is required. Survivors do not need to have reported the experience at the time it occurred, to have sought care within a certain time frame, or to have applied for service connection.

Veterans and former service members who experienced MST and would like to learn more about VA support and services may call 989-497-2500, Ext. 15130, to speak with a MST coordinator.