Aerial Treatment To Begin For Spring Mosquito Larva in Saginaw County

The Saginaw County Mosquito Abatement Commission plans to start its annual Spring Aerial Treatment program on Friday. It will take three to seven days to complete the treatment, which controls spring mosquitoes breeding in seasonally flooded woodlands throughout Saginaw County. The actual start date and duration depend on the weather and several other factors.

The program will cover about 50,000 acres of woodland floodwater) throughout Saginaw County in and around populated areas. The treatment consists of an aerial application of a natural soil bacterium that targets mosquito larvae, blackflies, and fungus gnats. The Aerial Treatment program not only provides relief from biting mosquitoes for thousands of Saginaw County residents, but also provides a valuable public health service, controlling mosquitoes that transmit mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile virus and Jamestown Canyon virus.

The program is contracted with Al’s Aerial Spraying in Ovid for aerial services. There will be six to seven yellow aircraft working out of Harry Browne in Buena Vista Township.

With recent warm weather, there may already be some biting mosquitoes present, so Saginaw County Mosquito Control reminds residents to protect themselves using EPA registered repellants, ensuring window screens are functioning properly, and dumping water-filled containers around your yard.