A Fabric Mask Drive is Underway to Help Area Healthcare Providers
To help local healthcare providers address shortages for the COVID-19 response, several organizations are asking for help to manufacture fabric masks.  THRIVE (Transforming Health Regionally in a Vibrant Economy), a co-led initiative between the Michigan Health Improvement Alliance (MiHIA) and the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance (GLBRA) are coordinating the process.

Coordinators from THRIVE will distribute the masks regionally. Fabric masks are able to be sterilized and used repeatedly. If you have the ability to manufacture fabric masks you are asked to use the following guidelines:


  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Suggested Fabric: Tightly woven cotton or viscose/rayon
  • Elastic or about 4 feet of ribbon cut in 4 equal parts
  • Ties or elastic can be used to fit over the ears or back of the head.
  • Add a pipe cleaner, twist tie or any thin metal at the the top of the nose and sew in between the seam allowance space on the inside of the mask. This is so it can best fit over the nose.
  • The top could be left open for 2 – 3 inches between the front and inside materials. This would allow for an insert of filtering material to be place inside for more protection against small molecules like this virus.


  • Tightly woven cotton or viscose/rayon

The goal of our mask is to stop droplets. So you want to go for something that filters those out. Then again, you need to be able to breathe through your mask, so we want fabric that breathes, without letting droplets through. In addition, we want the inside to be comfortable on our skin. So here I’d suggest a tightly woven cotton or viscose/rayon. Please remember that both women and men in a variety of roles may wear these masks.

To view a pattern for making the mask, visit: https://freesewing.org/designs/fu/


Fabric masks can be dropped off at the following locations. Please leave your donations outside in the donation boxes by the designated doors (details below) and staff will retrieve. Thank you!

  • YMCA of Saginaw, 1915 Fordney St. Saginaw, 48601 – Covered main entrance. Drop off from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday-Friday.
  • Dow Bay Area Family YMCA, 225 S. Washington Ave. Bay City, 48708 – Covered entrance in the North parking lot facing City Hall. Drop off from 8:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday and 11:00am-1:00pm on Saturday.
  • Greater Midland Community Center, 2205 Jefferson Ave. Midland, 48640- Covered entrance by the 50+ Center. Drop off from 8:30am to 5:30pm Monday-Friday.

Contact: [email protected]