Politicians may use YouTube to share campaign ads – but one U.S. congresswoman shared a more heartwarming video on her page on Monday. Rep. Nancy Mace, Republican of South Carolina, thought she was filming background footage for her campaign, but really, the video shoot was a scheme by her boyfriend, who had planned a big surprise.

“I’m Nancy Mace and I approve this question,” the congresswoman says at the start of the video. In the video, Mace’s staff members instruct her to walk up to a house and knock on the door. She’s hesitant at first, not wanting to surprise the residents inside by showing up with her camera crew.

What she didn’t see was her boyfriend, Patrick Bryant, getting a microphone put on him inside.

When she finally knocks on the door, Mace can’t believe who opens it. It’s Bryant, who promptly drops to one knee, holding out a ring. “Will you spend the rest of your life with me?” he asks. Mace appears lost for words. “Oh my God, are you serious?” 

“I literally thought I was shooting b-roll,” she said, referring to background footage.

“Do you say yes?” Bryant asks. “Yes,” the congresswoman replies.

Before she was surprised with the engagement, Mace saw her parents driving around. She posted a photo of them on Instagram, saying she “ran into” them while door knocking. Little did she know, that was not exactly what she was doing. 

Mace also posted about the surprise engagement on Instagram, writing: “I said YES!!!”

Bryant is a software developer who from Charleston, according to his Instagram. Mace represents South Carolina’s 1st congressional district – which includes the sate’s coastal “low country” – in the U.S. House of Representatives. She’s currently facing two primary challengers for the Republican nomination in the state’s June 14 primary, according to the The State.