WSGW Morning Team Show:     January 14, 2020  (Tuesday)

It’s the WSGW Tuesday Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU…..



TONIGHT, it’s the monthly “Saginaw Spirit Hockey Show”

Live, 6-7pm, from Tri-City Brewing Company in Bay City, across from Bay County Civic Arena

Join Voice of Spirit Hockey, Joey Battaino, along with WSGW’s Art Lewis, plus Spirit Coaches, Players, and More

FREE Jet’s Pizza (while supply lasts)







Today, WSGW and Alpha Media are hosting a special workshop “Beyond the Yard Sign”

It’s for politicians, candidates, those involved in legislative issues…  that need to discover and utilize the digital world

Two sessions, 9am and 5pm, Courtyard by Marriott

Call WSGW to attend and ask for Jessica:   989-752-3456






Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     As we anticipate another season of Tigers baseball on WSGW, baseball itself is dealing with the cheating scandal surrounding the Houston Astros and potentially the Boston Red Sox (runs 7:07)…..


A follow up on the cheating scandal discussion with Charlie and Dave and Pat and Art and You, as Art wonders why it was wrong (runs 4:31)…..






Charlie and Dave and Pat and YOU:     A survey from Morning Consult reveals the “trust” people have in overall professions/people and in top brands (runs 6:49)…..

Click for Link for the Morning Consult story








Special Plans from PBS for its 50th Anniversary…..

PASADENA, California (AP) – PBS will mark its 50th anniversary this year with an exploration of what it means to be an American in a divisive period.   The project, “PBS American Portrait,” is a multi-platform effort that PBS said aims to foster a discussion about the country and its people.

A digital miniseries will launch in spring 2020, with a documentary series airing in January 2021.   Video, photos and other content submitted by the public will be part of “American Portrait.”

PBS’ chief executive said the project was deemed important at a time Americans may feel the country’s fabric is becoming “a bit frayed.”






TWO, Star Wars Related Stories for You…..


Luke Skywalker gets his soundtrack back…..

FLAGSTAFF, Arizona (AP) – The actor who plays Luke Skywalker has been reunited with his long-lost vinyl record.

Mark Hamill says he’s pleased that workers at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange in Flagstaff, Arizona returned his copy of
“Star Wars: A New Hope” soundtrack.   The record was a gift from film composer John Williams.

Hamell says it was “totally unexpected” that he recovered the record, which he says he hasn’t seen since the early 1990s.



A Star Wars Fans Constructs a 3D Printed Stormtrooper Costume and it’s Bulletproof






The WSGW Morning Team Show Is Sponsored by…..

Sound Asleep Sleep Diagnostic Lab

Three locations in Saginaw, Bay City, and Midland

The Only Free Standing Private Sleep Lab in the Area Owned and Operated by a Physician






Wake Up Song of the Day:     Jack Jones “The Love Boat“.   Jack is 82.   He’s enjoyed a great career, including winning two Grammy Awards, but he may be best remembered for singing “The Love Boat Theme” for the long running TV show.   He turned that into a single release in 1980 that was his last charted song, #37 on the Adult Contemporary Chart.   This version is a “swing” version of the theme from an album he released in 1997.


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