Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department Holds Awards Ceremony

The Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department honored deputies and civilians alike in an awards ceremony Thursday, May 26.

Sheriff William Federspiel presented the awards at the Pit and Balcony Theater at 805 North Hamilton in Saginaw. The awards included categories for Courageous Service, Esprit de Corps, Meritorious Service, the Sheriff’s Personal Award for Esteemed Service and the Saginaw Exchange Club Officer of the Year.

Federspiel says most of his employees are content to do their jobs without the recognition.

Dep. Addison Burton
Dep. Addison Burton

“The majority of my staff doesn’t want recognition. They shy away from it. They tell me, ‘It’s just my job.’ But there are times… that they go above and beyond that. By their demeanor, by their training, by their leadership.”

One officer, Deputy Addison Burton, was honored with the Sheriff’s Personal Award for Esteemed Service. The award was given for personal and selfless dedication to the goals of the department resulting in honorable recognition of the entire department and members of the community.

Burton says the recognition is humbling.

“It’s awesome… for the boss to say (I) personally recognize you as an individual… that means a heck of a lot to me. I tell you, I can’t even put it into words.”

Federspiel calls Burton the “prototypical” recipient of the award. He says Burton’s consistent positive attitude brings so much more to police work in the department.

Det. Larry Biniecki
Det. Larry Biniecki

Every year, the Saginaw County Exchange Club recognizes law enforcement officials from various agencies as Officers of the Year. The recipient for the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department this year was Detective Larry Biniecki. Biniecki was recognized for his work in handling sensitive cases dealing with children.

Biniecki says he’s thankful for the recognition, but many others deserve the credit as well.

“My cases involve a real team effort, with CPS and the CAN Council of Saginaw, the prosecutor’s office and many other individuals. I just want to thank them for all their service and help. The help that they give me to produce a good case and good results to the citizens of Saginaw County.”

Biniecki originally received the award April 12, but was recognized a second time Thursday at the ceremony.

A full list of recipients is as follows:

  • Honorable Service Award – Dep. Lance Beyerle, Sgt. Paul Lagalo
  • Community Relations Award – India Christian, Larry Partyka
  • Life Saving Award – Sgt. Gary Fitzmaurice
  • Meritorious Service Award – Dep. Charles Gibson
  • Exceptional Performance Award – Dep. Mike Martin, Sgt. Alvin Rimmer, Corrections Officer Thomas Latty, Jr.
  • Courageous Service Award – Dep. Jose Deleon, Dep. Ashley Yeager, Dep. Charles Gibson
  • Unit Award – Barb Smith, Margaret Putnam, Beth Roe, Catherine and Jeff Ralph, Katharine Tessin, Darick Tack, Lindsey Colon
  • Sheriff’s Personal Award for Esteemed Service – Dep. Addison Burton
  • 2016 Saginaw County Exchange Club Officer of the Year – Det. Larry Biniecki

The Department also recognized the officers who were promoted in 2015-2016:

  • Paula Lounsbury, from Lieutenant to Captain
  • Marsha Austin, from Jail Sergeant to Lieutenant of Administration
  • Miguel Gomez, from Sergeant to Lieutenant
  • Mark Przybylski, from Sergeant to Lieutenant
  • Heather Beyerlein, from Detective to Sergeant
  • Russell Kolb, from Detective to Sergeant
  • Matthew Filer, from Deputy to Sergeant

The department recognized three new employees as well: Deputies Ryan Stockford, Ryan North and James Compty.



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