25 Foot Tall Sculpture Arrives at Saginaw Courthouse

Art & About Saginaw has brought sculptures and murals to the city in the past,  but this may be the biggest so far.

By partnering again with the Seward Johnson Atelier, a 25 foot tall monumental metal sculpture titled “God Bless America” will share  Seward Johnson’s interpretation of the 1930 painting ‘American Gothic’ and will join 10 other life-sized sculptures scattered throughout the city and Saginaw riverfront.

The tall piece of art will be staying on the courthouse lawn through Thanksgiving, with the smaller sculptures staying in the area through October.

Saginaw Community Foundation Marketing and communications officer Bryan Konieczka says the original plan was to keep the pieces in place from memorial day through labor day,  but due to COVID-19 travel restrictions in various states the sculptures needed to move through, they arrived late and will be allowed to stay longer.

You can find a map of the life sized statues placed throughout the city on their Facebook page.

Konieczka says the sculpture at the courthouse was chosen among other options for this year’s Art & About project because it reflects values shared in the mid-west and, more specifically, Saginaw because of the area’s large agricultural background.