Two high school students were stabbed at Countryside High School in Clearwater, Florida, on Thursday, Clearwater Police said in a statement. The teens were taken to local hospitals, police said, where the two students are in stable condition.

The incident occurred around 11:20 a.m. local time, police said, and the suspect was taken into custody. Police said they are assisting with school dismissal in the afternoon because parts of the school remain a crime scene.

The area is dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia in which many streets remain underwater, and there is storm debris, police said. Dozens of local roads and bridges were closed due to active flooding or damage, and residents were issued an evacuation order before the hurricane. Several Clearwater parks and trails have been affected by substantial debris and flooding, city officials said in a news statement. 

The hurricane touched down in Florida early Wednesday, bringing strong winds, rain and dangerous flooding. The impact was felt across much of the northern and central parts of Florida. 

By late Wednesday afternoon, Hurricane Idalia was downgraded to a tropical storm and moved toward Georgia and the Carolinas.