Dental X-Rays Increase Chances of Brain Cancer?

We apparently can’t take antibiotics anymore because they’re over-prescribed.  The warm winter has taken a toll on my allergies.  There’s too much sugar in our food making us not only fat, but also reliant on the pharmaceutical industry to make drugs so we can continue to eat said sugary foods.

Photo Courtesy AFP

And now, dental X-rays can increase the likelihood of brain cancer:

People who get regular dental X-rays are more likely to suffer a common type of brain tumor, US researchers said on Tuesday, suggesting that yearly exams may not be best for most patients.

The study in the US journal Cancer showed people diagnosed with meningioma who reported having a yearly bitewing exam were 1.4 times to 1.9 times as likely as a healthy control group to have developed such tumors.

A bitewing exam involves an X-ray film being held in place by a tab between the teeth.

Also, people who reported getting a yearly panorex exam — in which an X-ray is taken outside the mouth and shows all the teeth on one film — were 2.7 to three times more likely to develop cancer, said the study.

Not sure what dentists can really do to change this in the short term.  Having said that, is it possible the medical community is overusing the X-ray machine?  I don’t know.  I’m not educated enough to answer that question.  Still, this is, at the very least, a little disconcerting.



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