▶ Watch Video: Bodycam footage shows intense moment officer arrives at deadly crash

Police in Oklahoma released bodycam footage of an officer responding to a car crash that killed two people. An 18-year-old driver involved in the crash was allegedly driving the wrong way and reached speeds above 150 miles per hour before the collision. 

Video from the Stillwater Police Department shows the scene of the Oct. 15 crash: a white Ford Mustang on its side and a destroyed red Chevrolet Impala. An officer runs from car to car, checking on those involved and talking to witnesses. 

“I just heard a loud bang and saw a big old fireball flip over my car,” a man is heard telling the officer.

Police said in a press release that the Mustang was driving the wrong way and hit the Chevy head on in the city of Stillwater, which is roughly 63 miles west of Tulsa. The Mustang then continued on, while debris hit an occupied vehicle in the parking lot of a convenience store and several unoccupied vehicles at a nearby car dealership lot. 

Luke Christopher House

Stillwater Police Department

The driver of the Mustang, Luke Christopher House, has been charged with two counts of second-degree murder. 

One of the victims, a passenger in the Mustang, was identified as 18-year-old Ryan Begnaud. The second victim was 40-year-old Jeremi Smith, a passenger in the Chevy Impala. 

The driver in the Chevy, Virginia Louise Winston, was injured and remained hospitalized as of Thursday, police said.  

House, who was briefly hospitalized, was arrested at his home Thursday without incident, according to police.