▶ Watch Video: 11-year-old asks Biden to consider her for Supreme Court

With a vacant seat on the Supreme Court, the nation is eager to see who President Biden chooses to succeed retiring Justice Stephen Breyer. The president has said he will choose a Black woman, prompting speculation about his picks — but there’s one more contender who wants a chance: 11-year-old Maddison Morgan, who wrote a letter to the White House asking to be chosen for the role. 

“It all kind of started in fourth grade where we’re learning about America’s government systems and stuff…” she told CBS News. “There aren’t really many requirements to be a part of the Supreme Court. You just have to be appointed by the president. So, I thought, why not? And I just shot my shot.” 

When asked if she thought a child could handle the position, she had no hesitation. “Children don’t have a voice in this country,” she said. “Give them a small one.” 

Maddison Morgan, the 11-year-old asking President Biden to be considered for the Supreme Court. 

CBS News

Morgan’s parents said they were proud their child took such an initiative. “We were just amazed and delighted by her insight into what this country needs. The insight we need. Many voices to represent us. We’re just very proud and delighted by her wanting to do this,” her father Tony said. 

The sixth-grader said she doesn’t have a strong backup plan yet, but has other ideas for how she could help the country. 

“I would definitely understand that President Biden does not want a child on the Supreme Court,” she said. “But I have always wanted to be an astrophysicist. I’ve always been quite interested in space and stuff.” 

The White House confirmed it has received the letter. 

“While it’s clear that Maddi is very bright, gifted at making a case, and will go on to do great things, I cannot comment on the Supreme Court vetting process,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates said.

There’s one other point in Morgan’s favor. As any working adult knows, commute is key — and Morgan said that won’t be a problem.  

“I live a few blocks away from the Supreme Court so it will be easy to get there,” she said.