WSGW OnLine and App Poll: Tax Cut or Tax Increase

The GOP continues to push tax reform in Washington. As usual, the “middle class” gets most of the attention concerning what will happen to the taxes of those in the middle class category.

President Trump says the plan is a benefit for the middle class and not a tax cut for the wealthy.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says the plan is a benefit for the wealthy and corporate America and tax hike for the middle class.

POLL QUESTION: Overall, based on what you have heard, read, and seen, what do you think will happen to taxes for the middle class?
– Middle Class taxes will be cut
– Middle Class taxes will increase
– I Don’t Know

Click  to Vote.   When you vote, you’ll see totals from the previous poll about your Christmas spending. You can also vote by Tapping the App (download from App Store and Google Play).

PREVIOUS POLL: How would you say your Christmas spending will be this year?
More than usual – 10%   (app – 9%)
Less than usual – 20%   (68%)
About the same as usual – 70%   (23%)



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