WSGW Morning Team Show: September 8, 2017

It’s FRIDAY with Charlie and Dave and You on the WSGW Morning Team Show…

How’s this for bipartisan politics?   Our five living former presidents have created “One America Appeal” to raise money for storm recovery for Texas/Louisiana and expectations for Florida.


Yes, it’s Friday, but we remind you of


On Friday mornings after the 7:30 news during the SVSU Football Season, we talk Cardinals football with the voice of the Cardinals, J.J. Boehm.   SVSU plays Saturday at home vs Walsh.   Game Day Coverage at 2:30pm onWSGW 100.5 FM.   Here is that conversation:


You know the company behind this promotion never thought it would happen!   Read about a business in Cleveland that offered free product if the Indians won 15 games in a row.   Last night, the Indians won a 15th straight game!


This is one of the most unusual football injuries you’ll ever hear about.   An injury caused by a chest bump.   To a coach!


Wake Up Song of the Day:   Los Lobos “La Bamba“, the Number One song at this time in 1987 for three weeks.   It’s the Friday Flashback Song, as we flashback in ten year decade increments.   We find Number One songs at this time that are still known and enjoyed today, the same with the artists and groups that perform.   Or, songs that were one-hit wonders and perhaps long forgotten, which could be the same for the artists and groups that perform.

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