WSGW Morning Team Show: September 13, 2017

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Two concerts, both political in different ways.
We talked yesterday about Kid Rock opening up the new Little Caesars Arena in Detroit.   There were protesters which you can read about here.   There was a concert which you can read about here.
The nationally broadcast concert to raise money for hurricane victims was last night.   As Dave points out, a lot of different entertainers came out to raise a lot of money and said many positive things.   As Charlie pointed out, at the very start, Stevie Wonder used the fundraising effort for a political message, along with Beyonce offering an opinion.   And, Matt Lauer making a questionable reference.   Read about that here.
The finalists for the 2017 Toy Hall of Fame have been announced.   Click to find out about the finalists and vote for your favorite.   New inductees will be announced November 9.
Have you read/seen this story about a woman driving 20 miles with a coyote stuck in the grill of her vehicle?   Check it out…..
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Starting October 1, the Michigan Department of Corrections will implement new restrictions on what type of mail inmates can receive.

Prison officials say restrictions are designed to cut down on smuggling of drugs and other contraband.

Families and friends say some of the restrictions go overboard, such as not allowing a child to make a card. One comment was there is a fine line between what is reasonable for safety and just stripping people of their basic human rights.

Wake Up Song of the Day:   The Village People “Macho Man“.   Randy Jones is 65.   He is the cowboy.

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