WSGW Morning Team Show: November 6, 2017

The first full week in November is underway on the WSGW Morning Team Show with Charlie and Dave and YOU (we trust you navigated the time change correctly)…..

This is the WSGW Food For Families update!   We ask you, our Loyal Family of Radio Listeners, to listen for updates (and posted here on the WSGW Morning Team page) on where you can go to make non-perishable food donations to help those in need.  All donations are collected by the Salvation Army for distribution.   In return for your donation, you receive a copy of the all-new Listen to the Mrs. Recipe Brochure.   Here is the Food for Families location for today:

CoPoCo Credit Union, all three branches…   In Bay City:   4265 East Wilder Road and 1479 Straits Drive In Saginaw:   3262 Cabaret Trail South…   Discover how you can simplify your life with your CoPoCo Visa…  You can make your Food For Families donation today at the three CoPoCo Credit Union locations until 5:30pm.

You can also find out more Food For Families information with WSGW online.


A Monday Morning with no Detroit Lions talk with Charlie and Dave because the Lions play on Monday Night Football!   Charlie and Dave reference a few things about the game (runs 3:00) –


CONTEST ALERT!   You can win tickets to see Brenda Lee at Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant.   Brenda will perform on Sunday, December 17.   As you listen this week, when you hear Brenda Lee sing “Dynamite”, that’s when you call.   We are giving away two pairs at a time.   The first caller in at 752-6111 or 866-790-WSGW, and the first caller in at 754-1005 will win the tickets!     Listen with Charlie and Dave on the WSGW Morning Team Show, 5:30-9am.


Here’s the link to the Draymond Green/Mark Cuban story:

Mark Cuban blasts Draymond Green, asks Green to apologize to NBA


Considering how many times neighbors and co-workers try and giveaway this vegetable, you can understand a mistaken “zucchini bomb”!

In this handout photo released by the police of Karlsruhe, a Zucchini is pictured in a garden in Bretten, Germany, Friday, Nov. 3, 2017. A worried resident alerted to police to what he thought was a World War II bomb in his garden. Officers found a particularly large zucchini. (Karlsruhe Police Photo via AP)

BERLIN (AP) — A worried resident in Germany alerted police to what he thought was a World War II bomb in his garden. Officers rushed over — and found a particularly large zucchini.

Police were summoned to the scene in Bretten, near the southwestern city of Karlsruhe, on Thursday morning by an 81-year-old man.

They said in a statement Friday that officers determined “the object, which really did look very like a bomb” was actually a 40-centimeter (nearly 16-inch) zucchini.

The offending vegetable, which was very dark in color, weighed about five kilograms (11 pounds). Police believe someone threw it over a hedge into the garden.

Unexploded wartime bombs are unearthed frequently during construction work in Germany, often forcing authorities to evacuate tens of thousands of residents while they are defused.


Wake Up Song of the Day:   The Jive Five “My True Story“.   Eugene Pitt is 80.

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