Will it really be tax relief?

Well…now that healthcare reform is dead for the foreseeable future, congress and the President have turned their attention to tax reform

In predictable fashion, before all the details are fully known, class envy has shown it’s ugly head.  Cries of “the rich will only get richer” can already be heard around the hallowed halls of congress.  We’ve all been told the rich don’t pay their fair share of taxes.  But wait.  What is a ‘fair share”.

The top 1 percent wealthiest people in this country earn 20 percent of the money.  But, they also pay 40 percent of all taxes.  Meanwhile, the bottom 50 percent pay no taxes.  Indeed, not only do they pay no taxes, many of them actually get refunds, although the term ‘refund’ seems out of place since they paid nothing to start.  It’s a gift from the rest of the taxpayers.

It is time to take a hard look at the various ‘fair tax’ proposals that have been floated for many, many years.  “Flat Tax”, “Sales Tax”, “Value Added Tax” and more.  I do not know which one is the right one for this nation.  I do know that we need to explore the possibilities.

It is also time we stop making demands on our government.  We cry about paying too much tax, and in the same breath ask government to do more for us.  The two of those facts stand in stark contrast to each other.  We, the people, can not have it both ways.  We must accept some of the blame for the current state of affairs in Washington.

Let us hope cooler heads prevail, that both sides sit down, using common sense, and hammer out a plan that benefits the nation as a whole.  I’m not holding my breath.



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