“What If Obama Did…”

August 2, 2017

I’ve been playing the “What If Obama did” game for the last six months. Apparently, some conservatives are, too.

The National Review’s Jonah Goldberg asked a relevant question regarding President Trump’s disgraceful speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree last week:

Trump asserts the head of the Boy Scouts said he gave the “greatest” speech ever delivered to the Scouts. Naturally, Donald always believes everything he does is the “greatest.”

But to no one’s surprise, the Boy Scouts refute that claim, saying they aren’t aware of someone from the national office contacting the White House.

So, Trump told another whopper.

Jonah Goldberg’s question is the exact kind of question I’ve been asking almost every day since the campaign.

Here are some of the “What if Obama” questions I’ve pondered:

–What if Obama described the White House as “a real dump?

–What if Obama had been twice-divorced, and had kids with three different women?

–What if Michell Obama blatantly plagiarized a former First Lady’s speech at the convention?

–What if Obama mocked the disabled?

–What if Obama surrounded himself with Russian sympathizers?

–What if Obama failed to say one negative word about Putin?

–What if Obama asked, “You think our country’s innocent,” during an interview…on Super Bowl Sunday, no less?!?!

–What if Obama said “hell” in front of the Boy Scouts?

–What if Obama threatened to shut-down an investigation into his campaign?

–What if Obama sent a demeaning tweet about a Fox News host’s supposed plastic surgery?

–What if Obama kept vacationing only at his places of business?

–What if refused to release his tax returns?

This isn’t meant to absolve the former President of everything he did while occupying the Oval Office.

But I’m remembering how people criticized him for moving a statue, wearing a tan suit, and preferring Dijon mustard.

I also recall how many times people attacked Obama for the number of times he used the pronoun “I” in speeches. That supposedly highlighted his narcissism.

Fast-forward to today, the same people seem to have zero problem with Trump’s speeches, and how he incessantly talks about…himself?

As Salon’s Amanda Marcotte responded to Goldberg’s tweet:

We’re miles away from a kinder, gentler America.


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