What If It’s Game 7?

Had a good time discussing the Daniel Murphy story on WSGW’s “The Art Lewis Show” today.

Murphy is the New York Mets ballplayer who decided to miss the first three games of the season to be with his wife for the birth of their child. He received grief from some clown radio sports jocks, like loser Boomer Esiason, who think players should play and wives should just birth babies.

Of course, Murphy deserves all of the accolades he’s been receiving for being with his wife on such a monumental occasion. It shows he wants to not only be a great husband, but wants to be an involved Dad from day one.

Plus, the collective bargaining agreement allows players to take three days-off for paternity leave.

While all of this is well and good, I do have a serious question: How would fans, players, owners, and mothers and fathers across the country feel if a player chose to attend the birth of his child rather than play Game 7 of an important playoff game, or in baseball terms, the World Series?

I have a sensation opinions would differ greatly.

And remember, Boomer is a Cincinnati Bungle, which makes him a lifelong loser.



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