USDA releases forecast for 2017-2018 wheat crop

Notes from Pennington

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service has released its estimates for acreages, yields and balance sheets for all classes of wheat for the 2017-2018 growing season.  Click here to see the full report.

In Michigan, we primarily grow two classes of wheat:  Soft red winter and soft white winter, which make up 11 percent and 10 percent of the total wheat crop acreage, respectively.

Acreage in all classes is down from the 2016-2017 crop.  Estimated yields for each class are represented in this bar chart.  While hard red winter wheat is the largest in acreage, it is not the highest yielding.

The national average yield for soft red winter and white wheat is predicted to be 67.7 and 67.5 bushels per acre, respectively.

Each class of wheat has a unique niche in the market.  Milling and baking qualities determine the end products made from each class of wheat.  The graphic below shows what kind of food products are made from each class of wheat.

Resource links:
Wheat Outlook, USDA Economic Research Service, 11-14-17.

Wheat 101: Key Facts About the World’s Essential Grain, National Association of Wheat Growers Fact Sheet

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