Updated pesticide management guide for Michigan Christmas tree growers

The updated for 2018 Michigan Christmas Tree Pest Management Guide is now available for growers in making pesticide management decisions.

In an effort to assist Christmas trees growers in making pesticide management decisions, an updated reference, “Michigan Christmas Tree Pest Management Guide, 2018” is available at Michigan State University’s Integrated Pest Management – Christmas Trees page. The guide includes a listing of registered pesticides, pest management recommendations, protecting pollinator information and a guide to seasonal pest occurrence in Michigan.

To protect yourself, others and the environment, always read the label before applying any pesticide. Although efforts have been made to check the accuracy of information presented in the Michigan Christmas Tree Pest Management Guide, it is your responsibility to verify it is correct by reading the corresponding pesticide label in its entirety before using the product.

Reference to commercial products or trade names does not imply endorsement by Michigan State University Extension or bias against those not mentioned. Information presented here does not supersede the label directions.


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