Time To Call It What It Is–Terrorism–“Pat Political Point” from 8/13/17

August 13, 2017

Right-Wing Domestic Terrorism struck again, this time in Charlottesville, Virginia, where one person was killed and 19 others were wounded. It’s time for President Trump to lead right now and fight against these extremist groups. But I’m not holding my breath. Here’s this week’s Pat Political Point from WSGW’s First Day.


A few months ago, I used these very airwaves to declare an end to the Confederate Flag, Confederate statues, Confederate memorabilia of any kind from existing on public property.

I talked about how not only celebrating, but fighting to protect Confederate symbols always confounded me:

It’s confounded me because the Confederacy stood for a lost cause that would’ve kept America in the past. It’s confounded me because the Confederacy’s lost cause was the right to keep the practice of slavery alive and well. It’s confounded me because the Confederacy’s lost cause was steeped in hatred and ignorance.

It’s confounded me because the Confederacy…lost.

History is written by the victors.

The Confederacy opposed the very values of the United States of America. The Confederacy fought to erase the very values of the United States of America.

The Confederacy represented the anti-American side.

That’s why I always shake my head in utter disgust whenever I see a house, or an automobile, sporting both the United States of America flag and the Confederate flag!

The two don’t go together.

And I wonder how many of those who wave both flags were outraged when quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem.

But I digress.

The events which unfolded in Charlottesville, Virginia over the weekend ripped-open the scab of hatred, prejudice, and bigotry in this country.

The events have left one person killed and 19 wounded when a white man drove his car into a crowd of anti-racists. They were protesting because extreme right-wing-white-racist terrorists held rallies opposing  Charlottesville’s decision to remove a Robert E. Lee statue.

Witnesses described bodies being thrown into the air as the car rammed through a crowd of patriotic Americans.

Blood everywhere. People hurt. Chaos. Mayhem.

It’s the kind of a result a terrorist hopes for.

Before the terror attack occurred, Ku Klux Klan sympathizer David Duke appeared at the hate rally to explain what they hoped to accomplish:

I sincerely hope the rally failed to “fulfill the promises of Donald Trump.” I’d hate to think Donald Trump would support such an anti-American sentiment. (The President has denounced Duke in the past.)

Well, Trump started his presidential campaign by claiming the first black president wasn’t born in the country. And he’s been fighting to ban people only from Muslim countries. And he’s used some derogatory language to demean our Hispanic brothers and sisters.

But maybe I was simply misreading Trump. Maybe I was wrong this whole time. I mean, despite everything that has happened, Trump still enjoys 38% support. His ultra-base isn’t leaving him, yet.

So, President Trump had a perfect opportunity to show the United States and the world how much he condemns right-wing terrorism.

Predictably, the President refused to call out right-wing terrorism. Trump decided to go with the weak statement that violence on “all sides” must stop.

All sides?

You had a group of right wing racists who were angry over a statue being torn-down, and then caused death and destruction.

And all he can say is “all sides?”

The President Of The United States refused to call-out the terrorism that resulted in one dead and several wounded?

The President Of The United States, who time and again criticized President Obama for refusing say Radical Islam, didn’t have the courage to call out right-wing terrorism?

What a coward.

As Glenn Thrush said on Twitter:

The truth hurts.

I remember years ago when President Obama received an enormous backlash after his Department of Homeland Security named domestic right-wing terrorism more of a threat than ISIS.

The Fox News Insider derided that silly Obama in 2015 for saying such a thing. They even quoted Dr. Sebastian Gorka–a close adviser to Trump–who criticized Obama.

Who turned out to be right?

Right-Wing terrorism is responsible for more attacks and deaths in America than radical Islamic terror. (By a three-to-one margin!)

Several states were busy proposing legislation granting citizens the right to plow through protesters if they felt like their lives were in danger. (Set into motion because of the Black Lives Matter movement.)

Here’s your result.

This is the result of destructive politics.

This is the result of division.

Trump thrives on division.

Condemning this terrorist act was the easiest part of Trump’s presidency, and he failed. He failed because he was afraid.

Ella Wheeler Cox said:

To sin by silence, when we should protest, makes cowards out of men.


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