Teddy Roosevelt Is Crying

Here’s this week’s “Pat Political Point from WSGW’s First Day. Teddy Roosevelt once called for a “square deal” for every American. But today, under the Trump administration budget proposals, Americans could get a raw deal. pat@wsgw.com


I’m a proponent that government should work for the people. Government should work as a guide to ensure both business and personal interests thrive.

However, government should never work to ensure that business interests prevail at the expense of the people, or the country.

Republican President Theodore Roosevelt once wrote to banker J.P. Morgan in 1904:

“All I ask is a square deal for every man.  Give him a fair chance. Do not let him wrong any one, and do not let him be wronged.”

Teddy Roosevelt didn’t want corporations or labor to have power over one another. He wanted a square deal. A deal where everyone has a fair shot at having a successful life.

Roosevelt worked with the business behemoths of the early 20th century, but he refused to allow corporations to run government. Teddy said of corporations:

“We are not hostile to them; we are merely determined that they shall be so handled as to subserve the public good. We draw the line against misconduct, not against wealth.”

He was a good Republican who believed in hard work and the never say die American spirit. He was a good Republican who believed government served a vital role to shield both ordinary Americans and the environment from corporate abuses.

Today, we have a Republican president who believes government must serve their corporate masters, many of whom bankroll their campaigns. It’s all about pleasing the donor base over the American base.

President Trump has unveiled his first budget, and it illustrates what his administration values and treasures. The donor class. The elites.

Trump’s budget actually coincides with exactly why congressional Republicans are trying to destroy Obamacare: To shovel massive amounts of cash to the elites.

I talked about the rumors of how Trump was attempting to gut the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative by 97%. Those rumors turned-out to be unfounded.

Trump’s budget is calling for a total elimination of the Initiative, which works to reduce dangerous algae blooms, invasive species, and works to clean-up polluted areas to restore the natural environmental habitat of the Great Lakes.

You know of the Great Lakes, right? They completely surround our state of Michigan, provide 84% of North America’s fresh water surface, and 21% of the world’s fresh water supply.

So, of course, let’s not fight to keep the lakes clean. We’ve got massive tax breaks for corporations and billionaires to hand-out!

Trump promised states like Michigan that he would make America great again, but how does polluting the Great Lakes make America great?

University of Michigan professor Bradley J. Cardinale heads the Cooperative Institute for Limnology and Ecosystems Research. He told The Detroit News that eliminating the initiative would cost thousands of jobs to the state. Professor Cardinale said that would hurt researching, university, and on-the-ground contracting jobs.

The professor said gutting the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative would “put a lot of people out of work.”

Trump is proposing pulling funding for the Michigan Sea Grant, which both Michigan and Michigan State utilize to keep the Great Lakes clean. The director of the Michigan Sea Grant told The Detroit News that keeping the Great Lakes clean is a major priority in Michigan, since the Great Lakes provide thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of revenue from the boating and fishing industries.

But since when do people like Trump care about us? They’re too busy devising plans to enrich their donors, like the DeVos family, who now runs the Education department.

And while diligently finding ways to throw more money at their rich, elitist donors, the Trump Regime wants to drastically slash funding for home weatherization programs to help reduce energy costs for lower income, and poor Americans.

Department of Energy studies in 2010 showed these programs saved families $2.1 billion. Gutting the programs saves $121 million.

As a businessman, Trump certainly has problems reading numbers. But when you’ve bankrupted companies multiple times, maybe you’re not all that great of a business guru.

Speaking of bankruptcy, thousands of Americans are mired in student debt. Student debt in America tops $2 trillion, which is higher than credit card debt. This debt paralyzes our economy because it takes students years and years to pay-off college debt, which prohibits them from spending money on goods and services.

You’d think a businessman would know these basics, like Senator Bernie Sanders. But when you’ve been given everything from your Daddy, how would Trump understand what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck?

That’s why Trump reversed an Obama era rule stopping student debt collectors from charging higher fees on those who default on their loans.

He’s only interested having government make elites like himself richer and richer.

Cuts to the National Endowment For the Arts, and public broadcasting are also of great importance to Trump. His budget manager asked how could we ask mother of two in Detroit, or a coal miner, to have their taxes fund the arts and public broadcasting?

Of course, one could ask how we could ask a mother of two in Detroit, or a coal miner, provide million of dollars so Melania Trump can stay far away from her husband in New York City?

Trump is eradicating Teddy Roosevelt’s belief in “the square deal” for America. Millions are getting the shaft so millionaire elites can enjoy government flooding them with even more money.

Instead of the square deal, millions of Americans might get a raw deal.


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