Saginaw Police Address Illegal Dumping

Saginaw City Hall (WSGW file photo)

The city of Saginaw is cracking down on illegal dumping. The police department has issued a statement, saying there’s been an increase in illegal dumping recently, especially in several specific areas. Those include Jefferson at Potter, the 2500 block of Hadley, Boxwood south of Holland, the 300 block of 18th Street between Janes and Cherry, and on Phelon between Park and Ward.

The police department statement calls illegal dumping a blight issue that they’re taking seriously. They say they’ll seek the maximum allowable charges against anyone involved, and that detectives are currently investigating cases and have active leads.

They ask anyone with information about illegal dumping in Saginaw to call the police department at 759-1288 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-422-JAIL.

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