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September 2014

Wednesday, Sept. 24: vs Erie--(L--1-7)

Saturday, Sept. 27: vs. Sarnia--(W--4-3)


Wednesday, Oct. 1: at S.S. Marie-(L--4-6)

Saturday, Oct. 4: at Windsor--(W--4-1)

Friday, October 10: at Sarnia--(L--1-3)

Saturday, Oct. 11: vs. London--(L--2-3-OT)

Sunday, Oct. 12: vs. Peterborough--(W--6-3)

Thursday, Oct 16: at Windsor--(L--5-8)

Saturday, Oct. 18: vs. Kitchener--(W--2-1-OT)

Sunday, Oct. 19: at Guelph--(L--3-5)

Thursday, Oct. 23: at Peterborough--(W--4-0)

Friday, Oct. 24: at Oshawa--(L--5-8)

Sunday, Oct. 26: at Mississauga--(L--2-4)


Saturday, Nov. 1: vs. S.S. Marie--(W--5-4)

Sunday, Nov. 2: vs. Kingston--(W--5-2)

Friday, Nov. 7: at Guelph--(W--3-1)

Saturday, Nov. 8: at Erie--(L--1-8)

Sunday, Nov. 9: at Kitchener--(W--5-4)

Friday, Nov. 14: vs. Windsor--(L--2-3)

Saturday, Nov. 15:  vs. Oshawa--(L--2-5)

Friday, Nov. 21: vs. Niagara--(W--2-1)

Saturday, Nov 22: vs. Erie--(L--1-7)

Sunday, Nov. 23: at Sarnia--(L--3-5)

Wednesday, Nov. 26: vs. Sarnia--(L--1-3)

Friday, Nov 28: at S.S. Marie--(W--4-3)

Saturday, Nov. 29: vs. Windsor--(L--3-5)


Saturday, Dec. 6: vs. Sarnia--(W--5-2)

Sunday, Dec. 7: vs. Guelph--(L--2-4)

Friday, Dec. 12: at Erie--(L--4-6)

Saturday, Dec 13: at Niagara--(W--7-1)

Thursday, Dec. 18: at Windsor--(W--2-1)

Friday, Dec. 19: at Sarnia--(L--1-4)

Saturday, Dec. 20: vs. Windsor--(W--7-4)

Sunday, Dec. 28: vs. S.S. Marie--(W--5-3)

Tuesday, Dec. 30:at S.S. Marie--(L--2-7)


Friday, Jan. 2: at Plymouth--(W--7-2)

Saturday, Jan 3: vs Sarnia--(W--5-4)

Friday, Jan. 9: vs. S.S. Marie--(W--1-3)

Saturday, Jan 10: vs. North Bay--(L--2-3)

Wednesday, Jan. 14: at S.S. Marie--(L--5-12)

Friday, Jan 16: vs. Sudbury--(W--4-1)

Saturday, Jan 17: vs. Guelph--(L--4-5)

Monday, Jan 19: at Plymouth--(L--2-3)

Thursday, Jan. 22: at North Bay--(W--3-0)

Friday, Jan. 23: at Sudbury--(W--3-2)

Thursday, Jan 29: vs. Plymouth--(W--4-2)

Saturday, Jan. 31: vs. Belleville--(L--4-5)


Friday, Feb. 6: vs. Owen Sound--(W--4-3)

Saturday, Feb 7: vs. Mississauga--(L--2-5)

Wednesday, Feb. 11: vs. Plymouth--(L--1-5)

Friday, Feb. 13: vs. S.S. Marie--(L--1-7)

Saturday, Feb. 14: vs. Barrie--(L--4-6)

Monday, Feb.16: at London--(L--1-4)

Friday, Feb. 20: at Ottawa--(L--1-6)

Saturday, Feb. 21: at Belleville--(L--1-6)

Sunday, Feb. 22: at Kingston--(W--3-1)

Friday, Feb. 27: vs. Ottawa--7pm

Saturday, Feb. 28: vs. London--7pm


Tuesday, Mar. 3: vs. Plymouth--10:30am

Thursday, Mar 5: at Plymouth--6:50pm

Saturday, Mar. 7: at Owen Sound--7:15pm

Sunday, Mar. 8: at Kitchener--1:45pm

Friday, Mar. 13: at Sarnia--6:50pm

Saturday, Mar 14: vs. Plymouth--7pm

Sunday, Mar 15: at Plymouth--1:45pm

Friday, Mar 20: at London--7:15pm

Saturday, Mar 21: vs. Kitchener--7pm

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