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On WSGW 100.5FM!!!


Spirit vs. Erie Otters

Friday, March 21 Game 1 at Erie--(L--3-4--Erie Leads 1-0)

Saturday, March 22 Game 2 at Erie--(L--3-4--Erie Leads 2-0)

Monday, March 24 Game 3 at Saginaw--7pm (W--7-6--Erie Leads 2-1)

Wednesday, March 26 Game 4 at Saginaw--7pm (L--3-7--Erie Leads 3-1)

Thursday, March 27 Game 5 at Saginaw--7pm (L--2-3--OT) Erie Wins Series

WSGW 100.5FM thanks the Saginaw Spirit For Another Great Year.


Thursday,  Sep 19 Saginaw at Barrie (L--4-7)
Friday,  Sep 20 Saginaw at Kitchener  (L--2-4)
Wednesday Sep 25 Saginaw vs. Erie (W--2-1)
Friday Sep 27 Saginaw at London  (L--3-6)
Saturday Sep 28 Saginaw vs. North Bay  (L--2-3)


Wednesday, Oct 2 Saginaw vs. Sarnia (W--4-3)
Friday, Oct 4 Saginaw vs. Plymoth 7:00pm (W--5-2)
Saturday, Oct 5 Saginaw at Plymouth 6:50pm (L--3-4)
Friday, Oct 11 Saginaw at Mississauga 7:15pm (W--5-3)
Saturday, Oct 12 Saginaw at Erie 6:45pm (L--5-6)
Monday, Oct 14 Saginaw at Oshawa 1:50pm (W--2-1)
Thursday, Oct 17 Saginaw at Sarnia 6:50pm (L--3-6)
Saturday, Oct 19 Saginaw vs. Sarnia 7:00pm(L--3-5)
Saturday, Oct 26 Saginaw vs. Barrie  7:00pm (W--4-1)
Wednesday, Oct 30 Saginaw vs. Plymouth 7:00pm (W--6-2)


Friday, Nov 1 Saginaw vs. Owen Sound  7:00pm (W--6-3)
Saturday,  Nov 2 Saginaw Sault Ste. Marie 7:00pm (L--3-4)
Friday Nov 8 Saginaw at Ottawa 7:15pm (W--7-3)
Saturday Nov 9 Saginaw at Belleville 6:50pm (W--4-3)
Sunday Nov 10 Saginaw at Kingston 1:45pm (W--9-4)
Friday Nov 15 Saginaw at Sarnia 6:50pm (L--3-5)
Saturday Nov 16 Saginaw vs. Mississauga 7:00pm (W--2-1)
Wednesday, Nov 20 Saginaw at Sault Ste. Marie 6:55pm (W--4-2)
Friday, Nov 22 Saginaw vs. Plymouth 7:00pm (L--3-4)
Saturday, Nov 23 Saginaw vs. Sarnia 7:00pm (W--6-2)
Wednesday, Nov 27 Saginaw vs. Windsor 7:00pm (W--6-2)
Friday, Nov 29 Saginaw at  Sarnia 6:50pm (L--1-2)
Saturday, Nov 30 Saginaw vs. Oshawa 7:00pm (L--5-2)

Thursday, Dec 5 Saginaw at Windsor 6:50pm (L--2-5)
Friday,  Dec 6 Saginaw at Kitchener 7:15pm (L--3-5)
Saturday, Dec 7 Saginaw vs. Sault Ste. Marie 7:00pm (L--4-5)
Wednesday, Dec 11 Saginaw at Plymouth 6:50pm (W--6-2)
Friday,  Dec 13 Saginaw vs. Peterborough 7:00pm (L--2-5)
Saturday, Dec 14 Saginaw vs. Kitchener 7:00pm (L--1-5)
Friday, Dec 20 Saginaw vs. Windsor 7:00pm (L--6-11)
Saturday, Dec 28 Saginaw at Windsor 6:50pm (L--1-4)
Sunday, Dec 29 Saginaw vs. Windsor 1:45pm (L--5-6)
Tuesday, Dec 31 Saginaw Sault at Ste. Marie 1:45pm (L--5-6)

Fri Jan 3 Niagara Saginaw 7:11 EST (W--3-2)
Sun Jan 5 Guelph Saginaw 4:00 EST (W--3-2)
Fri Jan 10 Ottawa Saginaw 7:11 EST (W--10-5)
Sat Jan 11 London Saginaw 7:11 EST (W--2-0)
Fri Jan 17 Saginaw London 7:30 EST (W--3-1)
Sat Jan 18 Sudbury Saginaw 7:11 EST (W--4-3)
Mon Jan 20 Saginaw Plymouth 2:00 EST (L--2-7)
Thu Jan 23 Saginaw North Bay 7:00 EST (L--1-5)
Fri Jan 24 Saginaw Sudbury 7:30 EST (W--3-2)
Sun Jan 26 Saginaw Guelph 6:30 EST (L--2-4)
Wed Jan 29 Saginaw Sault Ste. Marie 7:07 EST ( L--3-6)
Fri Jan 31 Belleville Saginaw 7:11 EST (W--7-0)

Sat Feb 1 Kingston Saginaw 7:11 EST (W--4-2)
Thu Feb 6 Saginaw Erie 7:00 EST (L--0-3)
Fri Feb 7 Saginaw Niagara 7:00 EST (L--2-4)
Sat Feb 8 Sault Ste. Marie Saginaw 7:11 EST (L--5-6)
Fri Feb 14 Plymouth Saginaw 7:11 EST (W--3-2)
Sat Feb 15 Guelph Saginaw 7:11 EST (L--4-6)
Mon Feb 17 Saginaw Sarnia 2:05 EST  (W--3-2)
Thu Feb 20 Saginaw Peterborough 7:05 EST (L--2-5)
Sat Feb 22 Saginaw Owen Sound 7:30 EST (W--5-2)
Sun Feb 23 Saginaw Guelph 2:00 EST (W--6-3)
Fri Feb 28 Kitchener Saginaw 7:11 EST (W--5-2)

Sat Mar 1 Erie Saginaw 7:11 EST (L--2-4)
Tue Mar 4 Sarnia Saginaw 10:45 EST(W--5-2)
Thu Mar 6 Saginaw Windsor 7:05 EST(W--8-3)
Sun Mar 9 Saginaw Plymouth 2:00 EDT (L--1-3)
Wed Mar 12 Sault Ste. Marie Saginaw 7:11 EDT (W--4-3 OT)
Fri Mar 14 Saginaw Sault Ste. Marie 7:07 EDT (L--2-6)
Sat Mar 15 London Saginaw 7:11 EDT (L--3-4)

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