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The Detroit Tigers have been a key part of Michigan Baseball for over a hundred years. Since their foundation in 1894 as a part of the Western League the Tigers have won four World Series Titles, and ten American League Championships.

And the Tigers have won Four straight American League Central Division Titles.

The Tigers play in Comerica Park,  and are led by second-year manager Brad Ausmus.





Active Players Include:

Pitchers: #62 Al Alburquerque,  #44 Joba Chamberlain, #48 Rick Porcello, #46 Ian Kroll, #33 Drew Smyly, #19 Anibal Sanchez, #36 Joe Nathan and #35 Justin Verlander, #31 Alfredo Simon, #14 David Price, #38 Joakim Soria, #32 Tom Gorzelanny, #61 Shane Greene, #43 Bruce Rondon, #30 Alex Wilson

Catchers: #13 Alex Avila and #41 Victor Martinez, #50 Bryan Holiday
Infielders: #24 Miguel Cabrera,  #1 Jose Iglesias, #3 Ian Kinsler, #26 Hernan Perez, #9 Nick Castellanos, #27 Andrew Romine
Outfielders:  #26 J.D. Martinez, and #20 Rajai Davis, #52 Yoenis Cespedes, #33 Steven Moya, #18 Tyler Collins, #12 Anthony Gose, #29 Daniel Fields

Here Is The 2015 Detroit Tigers Broadcast Schedule!!!



Tuesday, Sept. 1 at Kansas City--(W--6-5)

Wed., Sept 2 at Kansas City--(L--1-12)

Thursday, Sept. 3 at Kansas City--(L--7-15)

Friday, Sept. 4 vs. Cleveland--(L--1-8)

Saturday, Sept. 5 vs. Cleveland--(W--6-0)

Sunday, Sept 6 vs. Cleveland--(L--0-4)

Monday, Sept. 7 vs. Tampa Bay--(L--4-5)

Tuesday, Sept. 8 vs. Tampa Bay--(W--8-7)

Wed., Sept. 9 vs Tampa Bay--(L--0-8)

Thursday, Sept. 10 at Cleveland--(L--5-7)

Friday, Sept. 11 at Cleveland--Rainout

Saturday, Sept. 12 at Cleveland--Rainout

Sunday, Sept. 13 at Cleveland--(L--2-7)

Double Header Game 2--(W--9-2)

Monday, Sept. 14 at Minnesota--(L--1-7)

Tuesday, Sept. 15 at Minnesota--(W--5-4)

Wed., Sept. 16 at Minnesota--(W--7-4)

Friday, Sept. 18 vs. Kansas City--(W--5-4)

Saturday, Sept. 19 vs. Kansas City--(W--6-5)

Sunday, Sept. 20  vs. Kansas City--(L--3-10)

Monday, Sept. 21 vs. Chisox--(L--0-2)

GAME 2--(L--2-3)

Tuesday, Sept. 22 vs. Chisox--(W--2-1)

Wed., Sept. 23 vs. ChiSox--(W--7-4)

Friday, Sept. 25 vs. Minnesota--(W--6-4)

Saturday, Sept. 26 vs. Minnesota--(L--2-6)

Sunday, Sept. 27 vs. Minnesota (L--1-7)

Monday, Sept. 28 at Texas--(W--7-4)

Tuesday, Sept. 29 at Texas--7:40pm

Wed., Sept. 30 at Texas--7:40pm


Friday, Oct. 2 at ChiSox--(L--2-3)

Saturday, Oct. 3 at ChiSox--(L--3-4)

Sunday, Oct. 4 at ChiSox--(W--6-0)

APRIL (15-8)

Monday, April 6 vs. Minnesota--(W--4-0)

Wed., April 8 vs. Minnesota--(W--11-0)

Thursday, April 9 vs. Minnesota--(W--7-1)

Friday, April 10, at Cleveland--(W--8-4)

Saturday, April 11 at Cleveland--(W--9-6)

Sunday, April 12 at Cleveland--(W--8-5)

Monday, April 13 at Pittsburgh--(L--4-5)

Tuesday, April 14 at Pittsburgh--(W--2-0)

Wed., April 15 at Pittsburgh--(W--1-0)

Friday, April 17 vs. ChiSox--(W--2-1)

Satruday, April 18 vs. ChiSox--(L--3-12)

Sunday, April 19 vs. ChiSox--(W--9-1)

Monday, April 20 vs. Yankees--(W--2-1)

Tuesday, April 21 vs. Yankees--(L--2-5)

Wed., April 22 vs. Yankees--(L--4-13)

Thursday, April 23 vs. Yankees--(L--1-2)

Friday, April 24 vs. Cleveland--(L--1-13)

Saturday, April 25 vs. Cleveland--(W--4-1

Sunday, April 26 vs. Cleveland--(W--8-6)

Monday, April 27 at Minnesota--(W--5-4)

Tuesday, April 28 at Minnesota--(L--2-3)

Wed, April 29 at Minnesota--(W--10-7)

Thursday, April 30 at Kansas City--(L--1-8)

MAY (13-16)

Friday, May 1 at Kansas City--(L--1-4)

Saturday, May 2 at Kansas City--(W--2-0)

Sunday, May 3 at Kansas City--(W--6-4)

Tuesday, May 5 at ChiSox--(L--2-5)

Wed., May 6 at ChiSox--(L--6-7)

Thursday, May 7 at ChiSox--(W--4-1)

Friday, May 8 vs. Kansas City--(W--6-5)

Saturday, May 9 vs. Kansas City--(L--2-6)

Sunday, May 10 vs. Kansas City--(L--1-2--10innings)

Tuesday, May 12 vs. Minnesota--(W--2-1--10inngs)

Wed., May 13 vs. (L--2-6)

Thursday, May 14 vs. Minnesota--(W--13-1)

Friday, May 15 at St. Louis--(W--10-4)

Saturday, May 16 at St. Louis--(W--4-3)

Sunday, May 17at St. Louis--(L--1-2)

Monday, May 18 vs. Milwaukee--(L--2-3)

Tuesday, May 19 vs. Milwaukee--(L--1-8)

Wed., May 20 vs. Milwaukee--(W--5-2)

Thursday, May 21 vs. Houston--(W--6-5)

Friday, May 22 vs. Houston--(W--6-2)

Saturday, May 23 vs. Houston--(L--2-3)

Sunday, May 24 vs. Houston--(L--8-10)

Monday, May 25 at Oakland--(L--0-4)

Tuesday, May 26 at Oakland--(W--1-0)

Wed., May 27 at Oakland--(W--3-2)

Thursday, May 28 at L.A. Angels--(L--2-12)

Friday, May 29 at L.A. Angels--(L--0-2)

Saturday, May 30 at Angels--(L--6-8)

Sunday, May 31 at L.A. Angels--(L--2-4)

JUNE  (10-13)

Tuesday, June 2 vs. Oakland--(L--3-5)

Wed., June 3 vs. Oakland--(L--1-6)

Thursday, June 4 vs. Oakland--(L--5-7)

Friday, June 5 at ChiSox--(L--3-4)

Saturday, June 6 at ChiSox--(W--7-1--Ends 8 Game Skid)

Sunday, June 7 at ChiSox--(W--6-4)

Tuesday, June 9 vs. Cubs--(W--6-0)

Wed., June 10 vs. Cubs--(L--3-12)

Friday, June 12 vs. Cleveland--(W--4-0)

Saturday, June 13 vs. Cleveland--(L--4-5)

Sunday, June 14 vs. Cleveland--(W--8-1)

Monday, June 15 vs. Cincinnati--(W--6-0)

Tuesday, June 16 vs. Cincinnati--(L--2-5)

Wed., June 17 at Cincinnati--(L--4-8)

Thursday, June 18 at at Cincinnati--(Rainout)

Friday, June 19 at Yankees--(L--2-7)

Saturday, June 20 at Yankees--(L--3-14)

Sunday, June 21 at Yankees--(W--12-4)

Monday, June 22 at Clevleand--(W--8-5)

Tuesday, June 23 at Cleveland--(W--7-3)

Wed., June 24 at Cleveland --(L--2-8)

Thursday, June 25 vs. ChiSox--(L--8-9)

Friday, June 26 vs. ChiSox--(W--5-4)

Saturday, June 27 vs. ChiSox-(Rainout--Make Up Sep. 21)

Sunday, June 28 vs. ChiSox--(W--5-4)

Tuesday, June 30--Pittsburgh--(L--4-5, 14 innings)


Wed., July 1 vs. Pittsburgh--(L--3-9)

Thursday, July 2 vs. Pittsburgh--(L--4-8)

Friday, July 3 vs. Toronto--(W--8-6)

Saturday, July 4 vs. Toronto--(W--8-3)

Sunday, July 5 vs. Toronto--(L--5-10)

Monday, July 6 at Seattle--(W--12-5)

Tuesday, July 7 at Seattle--(L--6-7)

Wed., July 8 at Seattle--(W--6-5)

Thursday, July 9 at Minnesota--(W--4-2)

Friday, July 10 at Minnesota--(L--8-6--Blew 6-1 9th inn. lead!)

Saturday, July 11 at Minnesota--(L--5-9)

Sunday, July 12 at Minnesota--(L--1-7)


Friday, July 17 vs. Baltimore--(W--7-3)

Saturday, July 18 vs. Baltimore--(L--0-3)

Sunday, July 19 vs. Baltimore--(L--3-9)

Monday, July 20 vs. Seattle--(W--5-4)

Tuesday, July 21 vs. Seattle--(L--9-11)

Wed., July 22 vs. Seattle--(W--9-4)

Thursday, July 23 vs. Seattle--(L--2-4)

Friday, July 24 at Boston--(L--1-2)

Saturday, July 25 at Boston--(W--5-1)

Sunday, July 26 at Boston--(L--1-11)

Monday, July 27 at Tampa Bay--(L--2-5)

Tuesday, July 28 at Tampa Bay--(L--2-10)

Wed., July 29 at Tampa Bay--(W--2-1)

Thursday, July 30 at Baltimore--(W--9-8)

Friday, July 31 at Baltimore--(L--7-8)

AUGUST (11-17)

Saturday, August 1 at Baltimore--(L--2-6)

Sunday, August 2 at Baltimore--(W--6-1)

Tuesday, August 4 vs. Kansas City--(L--1-5)

Wed., Autust 5 vs. Kansas City--(W--2-1)

Thursday, August 6 vs. Kansas City--(W--8-6)

Friday, August 7 vs. Boston--(L--2-7)

Saturday, August 8 vs. Boston-(W--7-6)

Sunday, August 9 vs. Boston--(L--2-7)

Monday, August 10 at Kansas City--(L--0-4)

Tuesday, August 11 at Kansas City--(L--1-6)

Wed., August 12 at Kansas City--(W--7-4)

Friday, August 14 at Houston--(L--1-5)

Saturday, August 15 at Houston--(W--4-2)

Sunday, August 16 at Houston--(L--5-6--10in)

Tuesday, August 18 at Cubs--(W--10-8)

Wed., August 19 at Cubs--(W--15-8)

Thursday, August 20 vs Rangers (L--0-2)

Friday, August 21 vs Texas--(W--4-0)

Saturday, August 22 vs. Texas--(L--3-5)

Sunday, August 23 vs. Texas--(L--2-4)

Monday, August 24 at Cincinnati (L--5-12)

Tuesday, August 25 vs. Angels--(L--7-8)

Wed., August 26 vs. Angels--(W--5-0 J.V. 1-hits Halos)

Thursday, August 27 vs. Angels--(L--0-2)

Friday, August 28 at Toronto--(L--3-5)

Saturday, August 29 at Toronto--(L--1-15)

Sunday, August 30 at Toronto--(L--2-9)



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