The WSGW Evening Roundup with Todd Armbruster, Monday - Friday, 6-7pm.

It's an hour packed with News and Information, including Business and Farm Finals, money-saving tips from Clark Howard, health news from Dr. Dean Edell, technology talk from Kim Komando, Mike Avery's Outdoor Magazine Minute, and more!

Here's the lineup:

6:00 CBS News
6:04 WSGW News
6:11 WSGW Timesaver Traffic and Weather Together
6:15 WSGW Business Final with Hilliard Lyons and The MarketWatch
6:18 WSGW Farm Final with Terry Henne
6:27 Success Journal
6:29 Clark Howard Money Saving Minute
6:31 WSGW Weather
6:33 The CBS Reporter's Notebook
6:37 Dr. Dean Edell Health Minute
6:40 Kim Komando The Digital Pro
6:45 WSGW Sports
6:48 Mike Avery's Outdoor Magazine Minute
6:50 The Osgood File

The Evening Roundup is subject to preemption for WSGW Live Sports Coverage.

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