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Farm Bill: The Ins and Outs - How Does It Effect Your Farm

The Agricultural Act of 2014 – commonly called 2014 Farm Bill – that was signed in early 2014 is quite different from what farmers and landowners were accustomed to in former farm bills. Although there may be similarities to past farm bills, it is very important that farmers begin to learn as much as they can before deciding on what program is best suited for their current situation.

Each farm location and each farmer’s individual needs are very different, therefore choosing which programs are a good fit will depend on farm specific variables and individual needs. With this in mind, Michigan State University Extension has developed numerous resources to assist farmers and landowners to begin this process.

The Michigan State University Extension Farm Information Resource Management (FIRM) team in collaboration with the USDA Farm Service Agency (FSA) with numerous sponsors that include the Corn Marketing Program of Michigan, The Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee, the Michigan Wheat Program, GreenStone Farm Credit Services, and Farm Bureau Crop Insurance has engaged in a statewide effort to provide Farm Bill Title I Educational Programming.

The program is a multifaceted event discussing the provisions of the 2014 Farm Bill Title I programs. Presentations will describe Price Loss Coverage (PLC) and Agricultural Risk Coverage (ARC) choices and discuss yield and base updating. The profit and risk management implications of alternative choices will be explored under a range of assumptions including historical yields relative to county yields and alternative price scenarios. The decision support tools used in the analysis are available as Excel files from MSU Extension and web-based tools that can be accessed from the FarmDoc and FSA/USDA websites

At the conclusion of the program, time is offered for participants to engage with Michigan State University Extension FIRM team members and FSA representatives in a question and answer session to help better understand the information.

To view where programs are taking place and to register for an event, interested participants may go to the following link

It is encouraged to occasionally revisit the link to see if any additional locations and dates have been added. The Michigan State University Extension FIRM team has also developed a Farm Bill Program page that contains links to additional material, information and resources. Check back often to view any new or revised information and material as further details become known. Individuals may also sign-up to receive newsletters that will contain information about articles, updates, and additional information about the Farm Bill and other farm related policies.

For further information, please contact me at or view the MSU Extension Farm Information Resource Management webpage.

The 2014 Farm Bill will affect Michigan farmers in many ways.  Many of the components of the previous Farm Bill have been changed or eliminated.  Navigating those changes poses many challenges.  To assist farmers with those challenges, programs will be conducted around the state in multiple locations from December through March.  These programs are being provided by the Michigan State University Farm Management Team with assistance from local Agricultural Extension Educators and in cooperation with the USDA Farm Services Agency (FSA).

The objectives of the meetings will be to inform producers about:

  • The changes in commodity programs included in the 2014 farm bill
  • The farm and risk management implications of the changes in commodity programs included in the 2014 farm bill

All meetings will be conducted with the following agenda:

  • "New Provisions of the Agricultural Act of 2014" (1 hour, FSA representative)
  • "Farm and Risk Management Implications of the Agricultural Act of 2014" (1 hour, MSUE representative)
  • Questions, Answers and Discussion (as needed)

There are Several Area

                                       programs to choose from:


December 15th, 2014 from 1 - 4 p.m

Huron County Expo Center

170 W. Soper Rd., Bad Axe, MI  48413


January  5th 2015 from 6 - 9:30 pm

Richmond Township Hall

34900 School Section Rd., Richmond, MI  48062


January  6th 2015 from 6:30 - 9:30 pm

Tuscola Technology Center

1401 Cleaver Rd., Caro, MI  48723


January  9th 2015 from 9 am – 12:30 pm

Sanilac Area Career Center

175 E. Aitken Rd., Peck, MI  48466



Pre-Registration is Required.  The program is free.


4-H Training Workshops Coming Up

Each program year, Michigan 4-H, with support from the Michigan 4-H Foundation, donors and other supporters, offers trainings at sites across Michigan. Each workshop covers an assortment of 4-H program areas while providing participants with the necessary skills to become knowledgeable of various subjects.

Workshops being offered this January are:

·        Michigan 4-H Youth Leadership and Global Citizenship Spectacular, Jan. 17-18: 4-H youth participants will take part in exciting, hands-on leadership and citizenship activities that will enhance their knowledge of leadership, global citizenship, civic engagement and international cultures. For more information on this workshop, visit the 4-H Youth Leadership and Global Citizenship Spectacular registration page. This event will take place at the Kettunen Center, located in Tustin, Michigan.

·        4-H Winterfest, Jan. 31-Feb. 1: Youth ages 8-12 will have the opportunity to learn about and develop skills necessary for many project areas while meeting and exchanging ideas with other 4-H members from around the state. This two-day event encourages youth to get outside and discover what the winter season has to offer, make friends and explore a wide range of activities from crafts to shooting sports. For more information on this workshop, visit the 4-H Winterfest registration page. This workshop will take place at the Kettunen Center, located in Tustin, Michigan.

Workshop participants can register through the Michigan State University ANR Events Registration system, at Michigan 4-H members should use their age as of January 1 of the current program year (January 1, 2015) when selecting events to attend. For more information about becoming a Michigan 4-H member or volunteer, visit

December Government Report

Here is the link to the latest government report.....

Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference

Dairy producers attending the 13th annual Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference (GLRDC) Feb. 5-7, 2015, at the Bavarian Inn and Conference Center in Frankenmuth, Michigan, should come prepared to find out the latest information available on managing the challenges of dairy farming.

Consumers expect high-quality, safe and nutritious dairy products produced in a socially, economically and environmentally responsible way. This year’s conference will focus on techniques, tools and strategies to deliver the type of dairy products consumers expect.

The conference kicks off Thursday with a look at the future of the dairy industry, from the local farm to the global market. Attendees will learn strategies to excel as the industry advances and producers plan to meet future needs on their farms. Presentations will include:

·        Which cow produces the most money for every dollar of input, and how feed and water supply will continue to affect management decisions on the farm

·        Where the global industry is headed and how it will affect the farm’s bottom line

·        How to focus on margins, not ratios by focusing on money-corrected milk, and how to determine the combination of fluid milk, butterfat, protein, feed rations and genetics to make the most economic sense for the farm

·        How to excel in an ever-changing industry by staying ahead of the curve and establishing the factors most critical in evaluating decisions on the farm


The Exhibitor Showcase, Excellence in Dairy Award and the Dairy Challenge Presentation round out the day. Be sure to also check out the Great Lakes Commercial Heifer Extravaganza X Sale.

Friday morning’s lineup features a range of topics looking at improving efficiencies on the farm. Presentations range from an intricate look at how management, genetics and nutrition impact the reproductive efficiency of the cow to how silage Shredlage and improved kernel processing can lead to nutritional efficiencies. After learning strategies for making cows more sustainable through reproduction and nutrition, attendees will learn how to improve the farm’s overall sustainability through simple changes, which could have a profound impact on reducing the industry’s environmental footprint and producing a more desirable and profitable product.

Friday afternoon, attendees will have the choice of three educational workshops to attend:

·        On-farm Crisis Preparedness

·        Easy, Affordable On-farm Energy Conservation to Boost Your Bottom Line

·        Dairy Reproduction and Nutrition Question and Answer Session

In addition to educational sessions, producers will have the opportunity to attend breed meetings. The Michigan Holstein Association will conduct its annual meeting on Friday, from 3:30 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Michigan Brown Swiss and Jersey associations will follow, conducting their annual meetings on Saturday starting at 9 a.m.

Individual (adult), student and farm registration options are available. Registrations received before Jan. 16, 2015, will save up to $25 per day. Online registration closes Feb. 1, 2015, at midnight. On-site registrations are subject to availability.


Visit for the complete conference schedule or to register online. Participants can also register by phone by calling 517-884-7089.


The new figures are in.  For all the results contact Greg.


Contact Information: Michigan Dry Bean Production Research Advisory Board

Greg Varner, Research Director

8439 North Blair Road

Breckenridge, Michigan 48615 Ph: 989-751-8415


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