Re: The Art Lewis Show

The show, as it is now constituted, got it's start in 1978 when one afternoon we decided to open the phone lines to see if we could get any calls. The subject: How do you like to eat Peanut Butter? The phones rang off the hook, and we were off and running.

Over the years, and after moving to morning time slots, the show evolved. For several years it was consumer oriented with regular guests like Ernie Krygier on appliance repair, Paul Begick on lawns and gardens, the late Craig Brenske on plumbing questions, etc. We had a stable of experts on antiques, clock and watch collecting, coin and stamp collecting, auto repairing and more.

In the mid-80's, with the failure of Congress to codify the Fairness Doctrine, talk radio began to break out of it's sterile image and tackle broader, more controversial issues. At the same time, conservatives were clamoring for a media willing to present the views of the right. Along comes Rush Limbaugh who presents conservative views in a manner designed to capture and maintain an audience. The rest is history.

Once the power of talk radio was demonstrated local shows like mine began to talk about local, state and national issues and politics at one time considered taboo. However, I have never viewed my show a simply platform to espouse my political views. Instead, I like to think we reflect the communities we serve. Thus, we cover a broad spectrum of topics from politics to lifestyle and everything in between. Today's format is on the one hand a far cry from the Peanut Butter of the past, yet at the same time it has the home spun feel of the original.

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