Out In Left Field Blog Radio Show–Iraq, Gay Marriage, & NFL Stupidity

Welcome to another edition my weekly 30-minute blog radio show, Out In Left Field with Pat Johnston.

This week, I tackle the issues of the 10th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, the upcoming Supreme Court cases revolving around gay marriage, and the NFL’s continued comedy (yet, we’ll still watch, I’m sure).


Plus, as I always do at the end of each and every episode, I leave you with “A Song Before I Go,” and it’s a indie pick this week.

CenterForAmericanProgressIn Part One of the show, I rant about the NFL.  Then, Dr. Lawrence Korb from the Center For American Progress joins me to talk about the Iraq War, its costs, and its numerous lessons.

Click below to hear Part I:

Part ONE of “Out In Left Field With Pat Johnston” (Iraq War talk with Dr. Lawrence Korb), March 22, 2013

In Part TWO, Peter Sprigg with the Family Research Council joins me to discuss the upcoming gay marriage cases about FamilyResearchCouncilto happen at the Supreme Court.  And, my “Song Before I go.

Part TWO of “Out In Left Field with Pat Johnston (Peter Sprigg with Family Research Council)–March 22, 2013

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